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How It Works

Welcome to the FamClub family. Check out the steps below to see how you can get started!

How It Works
FamClub How It Works

Sign up, add each member of your family, and customize each of your profiles.


Create goals for each other by hitting the “+” in the app.


Add a dollar amount to goals to keep track of allowances.


Premium members get a box of rewards at the end of each month for completing your goals.

FamClub How It Works

A Message From Our Founder

As a father of two, I understand that family time is increasingly hard to come by. Our mission at FamClub is to make it easier for you and your family to connect in this hectic world of school, work, and everything in-between. Now, instead of blaming phones and computers for taking you away from one another, we help you harness the technology to work together, play together, and grow together as a family.

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